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The importance of door security must never be underestimated. Keep it high at all times with the valuable information on locks and keys you will find here. Read the answers to some of the questions our locksmith specialists are commonly asked. Use them effectively when this is necessary.

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Why are key cabinets used?

Our specialists say that key cabinets are often used for two reasons. One is to keep the keys organized. For instance, hotels and showrooms may handle several keys every day and keeping them organized makes their job easier. Another reason is to keep them secured from unauthorized people. These cabinets are secured by locks as well.

Are there different key cabinet options?

Yes, there are different key cabinets that you can choose from. They come in varying sizes and their locks also vary. Some key cabinets are operates by keys, which means that you need a key to open them. Others have electronic keypads where you need to enter the right code. There are also key cabinets that use combination locks.

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