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3 Safety Tips for Car Key Replacement

01/06/2017 Back To Blog

When you lose your car keys, you could either ask your car dealer to hand you a duplicate transponder chip key or you could resort to the services of a local locksmith business. The former is an expensive option that could compel you to pay a lot of money. The well established locksmith companies in your area probably have more or less the same software and hardware for cutting and programming the vehicle keys as the car dealer does. However, since you are dealing with a small service based business, the pricing options you will be offered will certainly be a lot more attractive. If you decide to have your car keys replaced by a locksmith, it is imperative for you to keep in mind the following safety tips:3 Safety Tips for Car Key Replacement

Correct Reprogramming of the Internal Chip

You may not understand the inner working mechanisms of car keys as well as your locksmith does, but you can certainly develop a basic understanding of how the replacement is carried out. Your first order of business is to ensure that the internal chip is reprogrammed correctly. Do not hesitate to try out the replacement key multiple times just to make sure that it is working seamlessly. If you notice any problems during this trial session, you should immediately report them back to the locksmith. The goal is to resolve the problems as quickly as possible in order to avoid a situation where you are locked out of your car.

Responsible Handling of Vital Information

When you hire a car locksmith for a replacement key, you will be required to provided some important details regarding your vehicle. The responsibility is on you as the owner of the car to make sure that this information is passed on to the locksmith in a safe and secure manner. You will be required to disclose the make and model of your vehicle as well as the VIN number. If the data ends up with the wrong person, then the information can be misused to breach your privacy or even worse, your security.

Dealing with the Service Providers in Person

Your car key is a very precious possession. If there is somebody working on getting you a replacement for the key, you should be available to meet with that individual or group of individuals in person. Give the locksmith an opportunity to talk with you and figure out your specific needs. The last thing you want is to have the replacement keys in the hands of somebody who you do not trust. The aim here is to make sure that there is no shred of miscommunication between you and the locksmith business.

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